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Blending Platform

A blending platform is where alternative liquid fuels are produced from hazardous waste. Interwaste developed its blending platform in Johannesburg, to produce, through a process developed by Interwaste’s Research and Development team, an alternative liquid fuel that is suitable for co-combustion with traditional fuels.

Through this process, industrial waste such as hydrocarbon sludges, oils and greases are diverted from landfill. The benefits of this process are abundant, from making it easier for companies to comply with increasingly stringent legislation around the disposal of hazardous waste, to reducing the harmful impact of this waste on our environment and providing a solution for clients focused on zero waste to landfill targets.

Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF)

An RDF is a fuel created from solid, dry, non-reusable or recyclable solid waste (refuse) typically found in industrial and municipal waste streams. At its Germiston RDF plant, Interwaste has risen to the challenge posed by the disposal this problematic type of waste by converting it into an alternative fuel that can be used alone or with a co-combustor such as coal. This repurposing of waste to fuel reduces both the volume of non-recyclable waste to landfill and the consumption of conventional fuels that are non-renewable and potentially environmentally harmful.

Anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion creates natural gas through naturally occurring bacterial processes. To harness this energy, Interwaste currently supplies organic waste to anaerobic digesters. Methane-rich, combustible gas is then produced through bio-digestion and is used to generate electricity. The anaerobic platform therefore diverts organic waste to landfill which in turn reduces the release of harmful greenhouse gases. It also provides a sustainable alternative to traditional, non-renewable fuels for generating electricity.

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