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A waste solution means finding the most efficient, legally and ethically compliant, innovative and sustainable way to manage waste products.

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Integrated waste management

In line with the hierarchy of waste management, which prioritises waste handling methodologies in order to reduce waste volumes to landfill facilities, Interwaste has developed an Integrated Waste Management Model closely aligned to the hierarchy which forms the cornerstone of our service offering. By leveraging our Integrated Service Offering and diverse range of skills and capabilities across the business, we assist our clients to meet their sustainability goals by understanding their strategies and waste streams.

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Zero waste
to landfill

In line with global trends, the Interwaste team strives towards the principle of zero waste to landfill. To achieve this, integrated teams of specialists continuously research, design and refine innovative yet practical, time and cost-efficient, compliant waste management solutions for clients and partners.

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Interwaste finds the best place for your waste using waste classification. At our SANAS accredited laboratories, through rigorous assessment and analysis, waste is directed to environmentally compatible, holistic alternatives to traditional landfill disposal. From waste as fuel, to metals recovery, to suitability for anaerobic digestion, Interwaste will partner with you to find a fitting solution for your waste problems.

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Recognising that recycling waste into reusable materials has the double benefit of reducing the amount of waste reaching landfill sites and offering employment and income generating opportunities. We offer onsite as well as centralised custom-designed Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) for the collection of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metals.

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Providing the correct equipment, ensuring the provision of cost-effective solutions, and remaining transparent by the provision of full and accurate reporting, is at the heart of our business. To this end, Interwaste provides triple line reporting to record the economic, social and environmental impact of any waste management solution. Using this reporting system, we support businesses in reducing their costs, achieving legislative and auditory compliance as well as creating possibilities for positive environmental marketing.

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Waste to

Extracting value from waste is part of what makes Interwaste a forerunner in the waste management sector in South Africa. This is evident in our response to increasingly stringent legislation on the disposal of hazardous materials into landfills, which prompted us to develop processes that convert various types of hazardous waste with a calorific value into alternative fuel and gas products. This can lead to a zero-waste management outcome or even an income generating service.

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Waste disposal, (meaning getting rid of unwanted materials primarily into landfills) is a multi-faceted, logistically-demanding process of disposing waste in ways that are cost -effective, sustainable and environmentally safe. At Interwaste, years of experience and success have established us as a leader in disposal options such as landfill construction, remediation and/or management, landfill gas operations and transfer station management where recyclable and reusable waste is recovered to avoid landfill disposal.

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Using the principle of zero waste to landfill, we are committed to a pre-landfill waste treatment service where waste is assessed, classified and then directed towards appropriate treatment processes with a focus on resource recovery and waste to energy solutions. This treatment service has a ‘triple line’ outcome as it ensures minimisation of hazardous waste to landfills, it reduces the volume of waste for landfill which then assists clients in meeting the required specifications for landfill disposal.

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& disposal

Ever client-conscious, Interwaste offers a confidential destruction and disposal service for expired, redundant or counterfeit goods. These goods are collected in safe disposal containers, stored and then either crushed, incinerated or shredded within a secure environment. For further peace-of-mind, clients receive a Certificate of Safe Disposal once the destruction process is complete.

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As landfill disposal remains the predominant means of waste management in South Africa, Interwaste, while constantly striving to reduce waste to landfill, thought ahead and also became an industry leader in the development and management of landfill sites. Building on a long and effective heritage of landfill expertise, the team at Interwaste can construct, re-engineer and manage any type of landfill site to ensure legal compliance, community and environmental safety and financial and operational sustainability.

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Combining the latest in equipment and facilities with operational and management expertise, our on-site teams ensure all waste is separated correctly at our clients' facilities. This not only reduces costly cross-contamination of hazardous and non-hazardous waste but streamlines further waste treatment and waste disposal operations.
Our dedicated on-site waste management division is responsible for all aspects of Integrated Waste Management, including:

Site Management and on-site personnel
Waste Identification and Separation
Waste Minimising
Maximising Resource Recovery
The Provision of Accurate Environmental Reporting (Triple Line Reporting)

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You can rely on expert advice on the legalities around the storage and collection of your waste, appropriate container and skips sizes, and suitable collection vehicles. Partnership is a priority for us, so we always work with clients, to discuss and advise on waste logistic options before joint decisions are made. As an added bonus, all Interwaste vehicles are linked to a real-time monitoring system, ensuring efficiency and security.

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The team at Interwaste believes that waste management compliance is a non- negotiable. Working jointly, our Technical Services and Compliance teams participate in legislative developments with the Department of Environmental Affairs to keep up-to-date with ever-evolving legislation. This knowledge allows us to drive innovation within the bounds of compliance resulting in ‘win win’ waste management solutions for our clients.

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As waste generators are legally required to have their waste assessed by a South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) accredited laboratory, Interwaste has again taken the lead and developed an in-house comprehensive ISO/IEC 17025 SANAS accredited laboratory offering services such as waste assessment, and classification indicating the appropriate disposal or treatment solutions.

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Interwaste offers a variety of modern, economical and environmentally safe services to add further value to your waste management solution. These include Plant and Equipment Hire, Industrial Cleaning Services, High Pressure Cleaning, Tank Cleaning and Confined Space Operations, Structural Dedusting, Demolition and Site Clearing and Power Shredding. Use of these services can be designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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