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What is a waste stream?

A waste stream means the type and movement of
waste from its source to its final disposal. Waste
comes in many different forms and can be either
hazardous or non-hazardous.

General WasteHazardous Waste

What is the difference between a non-hazardous and hazardous waste stream?

“Waste is divided into two classes based on the risk it poses – general waste and hazardous waste. General waste means waste that does not pose an immediate hazard or threat to health or the environment, and includes domestic waste; building and demolition waste; business waste; inert waste; or any waste classified as non-hazardous waste in terms of the regulations made under section 69, and includes non-hazardous substances, materials or objects within the business, domestic or building and demolition waste.”

Source www.sawic.environment.gov.com

Why is it important to understand your waste stream?

Not all waste management solutions suit all waste streams. It is important to understand your waste streams, analyse and have them classified if they are not pre-classified, in order to help you select the most appropriate solution to either re-use, recycle, recover, treat or safely dispose of each stream.

By classifying each waste stream, you are determining whether it is hazardous based on the nature of its physical, health and environmental hazardous properties and the degree or severity of the hazard posed.

General WasteHazardous Waste

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