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Interwaste (Pty) Ltd is a member of Interwaste Holdings Limited, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

As a leading waste management business with operations across Africa, we are focused on delivering solid customer service through an integrated and cross-platform waste management approach.

The company is committed to leading the market in waste management innovation - through both wet and dry waste streams, and ensuring that it creates solutions for its customers that are not only sustainable, but which have waste management best practice and innovation at their core.

Integrated waste management

Interwaste provides a holistic, integrated and accountable waste management system - one that is compliant with changing waste management legislative requirements and meets the needs of each individual customer.

The service includes the management of waste streams from point of generation to final disposal and is underpinned by a waste hierarchy which guides the way in which waste should be treated and disposed of. This hierarchy forms the basis of every operation and ensures cost savings, reduction in environmental impact and sustainable operations. Interwaste comprises of numerous operational divisions, each considered experts in their field. The synergies that exist between these divisions allows Interwaste to present itself as a holistic environmental services provider.

Legal Compliance

Legislation demands that strict principles are adhered to by The South African waste management industry. Interwaste's team of qualified experts is well positioned to offer advisory services for any environmental legislation requirement.

South Africa's environmental legislation and operational guidelines are world class and form the basis for the development of similar structures by other countries. The framework provides 'Guidelines to Minimum Requirements' which stipulate the principles that govern wide ranging technical specifications and best practice parameters of Integrated Waste Management policy, including: waste minimisation, recycling, treatment and disposal. These aspects guide the industry toward a holistic, sustainable position.

Interwaste is at the forefront of legislative compliance and ensure that they constantly are updated and trained on the latest legislative requirements that govern their business and operations. They constitute a meaningful point of reference from which the company will continue to innovate.

Interwaste has a team of highly qualified experts who specialise in waste legislation. We offer advisory services for all environmental legislation, standards and guidelines that may be applicable to waste management in SA.

Technical Services

Interwaste not only classifies waste, but the organisation's technical teams' innovative processes set the company apart in integrated waste management - which is why Interwaste is also called upon to utilise their expertise in outside situations.

Different technical services are offered by Interwaste as part of the organisations full-service scope within the waste management space.

To this end, the company offers the following technical services:

1. Waste Classification & separation:

This is the process whereby discarded material is identified and organised, by class, to ensure the proper disposal thereof. The National Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has developed new Waste Classification and Management Regulations, where waste is assigned into 9 hazard classes, with further expansion on the criteria for toxic and infectious substances. Through the alignment to local and global best practice, Interwaste can assist its clients in the accurate classification of waste - based on the guiding principles - to ensure the correct disposal of waste.

2. Waste collection and compacting:

Interwaste offers the collection of waste, using specialised vehicles, as well as the compacting of waste, prior to transporting it to company Materials Recovery Facilities, for final sorting and re-processing. The use of varied size bins are deployed - dependant on the requirement.

In addition to this, Interwaste also supplies special boxes for the collection of recyclables in offices.

3. Material Recovery Facilities (MRF):

Interwaste offer custom designed MRF's - which are currently in operation at a number of larger waste disposal facilities managed by them. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metals collected in this manner greatly reduce the waste volume that is eventually returned to the site for disposal.

Custom designed and built MRF units are available for use at clients' sites should the volumes of recyclable wastes justify the installation.

On-site Services

With the latest in equipment and facilities, as well as expert manpower, Interwaste's qualified on-site personnel ensure all waste is separated correctly, at the source of manufacture, and ensures that the reduction of costly cross-contamination of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams is avoided, as well as enables streamlined operations for the customer.

With the latest in equipment, plant, depots and facilities, as well as expert management, and operational systems, Interwaste ensures high levels of efficiency and unsurpassed service. The provision of qualified site personnel ensures that all waste is separated correctly, prior to being recovered and/or finally disposed of.

Interwaste's dedicated on-site waste management division is responsible for all aspects of Integrated Waste management, including:
  • Site Management and onsite personnel
  • Waste Identification and Separation
  • Waste Minimising
  • Maximising Resource Recovery
  • The Provision of Accurate Environmental Reporting (Triple Line Reporting)

One great example of such onsite service is the Eezee Bin System.

This is an easy, neat and affordable recycling solution, deployed at commercial and industrial clients, shopping centres, sports facilities, offices and housing estates. Here all recyclable materials can be deposited into a single bin, allowing for the collection of recyclables at source, previously destined for landfill. Dedicated collection vehicles are employed to regularly collect and compact waste before transporting it to a Materials Recovery Facility for sorting and final disposal.

Resource Recovery

Given Interwaste's commitment to holistic waste management, the company has invested in the highest quality plant and equipment, ensuring they offer the most efficient metals recycling service. If you want to maximise the value from metals recycling, then Interwaste is your partner of choice.

Metals Recovery:

To maximise value from metals recycling it is necessary to categorise, separate and process the materials to the specification of the end user. This can be offered either as an on-site service or, alternatively, the activities relating to the recycling process may be done off-site - dependant on volumes and specific client requirements. In many cases it is possible, as a result of increased efficiencies, to offset the costs of recovery management and increase revenues generated from the recycling process. This can often lead to zero-cost waste management scenario or even an income positive holistic service.

To this end, Interwaste ensure the efficient collection and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste, from depots across the country. This process includes providing bins at the client's premises, upliftment of bins once full and transport to the nearest depot where they are weighed at a SABS approved weighbridge facility.

Bailing Service:

Interwaste offers the leasing and operation of compact bailing machines at a client's premises which enables a mobile bailing service saving valuable storage space on-site and maximising the value of recyclables for the client.

Solid and Liquid Waste Treatment

Interwaste's effluent treatment division, coupled with their strong national logistics infrastructure, ensures they provide a complete service offering including the management of a variety of inorganic, acid, caustic and oil based liquid streams.

Effluent Treatment:

There is a strong need in South Africa - especially given sparse water supply and the risk that effluent waste has on the environment - for the development and implementation of effective effluent treatment methodologies. Therefore, Interwaste has devised alternatives to the disposal of liquid waste at landfill in creating a specialist effluent treatment infrastructure. This division provides a complete service offering to liquid waste generators including: management of a variety of inorganic, acid, caustic and oil based liquid waste streams. Our on-site services extend to effluent treatment too.

Solid Waste:

Economically viable chemical, physical and biological treatment forms an essential part of reducing the risks associated with the disposal of waste at landfill sites. Interwaste has developed sophisticated treatment technologies to reduce waste production, recycle material and generate more energy from waste accordingly.

Through these processes Interwaste ensure they are able to aid waste generators in meeting the required specifications for disposal and that they offer an innovative pre-landfill solid waste treatment service.

Commodity Trading

Interwaste spear-headed the commoditisation of waste through Waste Commodity Trading and follows innovative, closely monitored procedures. Interwaste currently exports commoditised wastes into 12 countries and territories outside of South Africa and is expanding this reach exponentially.

Pioneering this process across all industry sectors requires intimate knowledge of external catalysts that are usually unrelated to the activities of the generator, which can only be realised once identified. Interwaste boasts this knowledge and expertise and in addition to traditional landfill disposal, Interwaste services also include long-term storage of potentially valuable wastes in specially designed containment cells for future reutilisation.

The resources boom, which came to a head in 2008, pre-empted peak demand for most commodities and their hyper inflated prices was a warning of things to come. As such, as a forward thinking organisation, Interwaste offers commoditised waste solutions - from niche to bulk commodities. Interwaste is strategically stockpiling intrinsically valuable wastes with the express purpose of future recovery. Commodity cycles are closely monitored for each residue and will be unlocked when all necessary factors converge synchronously.

What's more, strategic relationships are forged with major trading houses and ports with logistical capacity being secured to ensure that as a company, Interwaste are well placed to offer a turn-key solution to clients looking for this service. Efficient, often out-the-box solutions give waste generators value added returns for traditionally landfilled wastes -fulfilling the Hierarchy of Waste requirements - and meeting broader client service requirements.

Waste Logistics

Interwaste advises clients on optimum waste storage and collection methods; including the correct container sizes, service frequency and collection vehicles to be used to best suit individual, and legal requirements. All Interwaste vehicles are linked to a real-time monitoring system, assuring efficiency and security.

Vehicle use and logistics:

The company utilises skip collection vehicles with bins up to 18m3, roll-on roll-off vehicles with bin capacities up to 35m3 and efficient Front End and Rear-End Loader vehicles capable of compacting the waste on-board. Interwaste also offers trailed containers to maximise transport efficiencies through optimal carrying capacity. All Interwaste vehicle's locations and routes are actively managed to ensure peace of mind for the customer and the company itself.

Hazardous Waste Management:

Interwaste boasts the management expertise and specialised equipment to handle any hazardous waste countrywide - where they have consistently performed in the collection and management of such waste while finding innovative ways to treat and reclassify this waste accordingly, resulting in a more cost effective and environmentally acceptable ways, that its competitors.

The company's services in this regard include:
  • Hazmat response and documented incident scene management
  • Specialised operations and accredited training
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous material clean-up & disposal
  • Asbestos containment and removal
  • Specialised containment and over-drums
  • Confined space operations including, tank cleaning with certification
  • Route planning, risk assessment and environmental impact assessments
  • Chemical data bank for emergency services
Goods destruction and safe disposal:

Interwaste offers a destruction and disposal service for items such as expired pharmaceuticals, redundant consumables and counterfeit goods which require total destruction to ensure company confidentiality, integrity and environmental safety. Such goods are collected in various sized Safe Disposal containers which are fully welded and have closed tops and lockable lids.

Goods can be crushed, incinerated or shredded where security is guaranteed given that goods are housed in a securely fenced compound for processing. Interwaste provide a Certificates of Safe Disposal on completion of the destruction process, to give customers peace of mind. In fact, Interwaste welcomes clients at their sites to observe the entire destruction process.

At the heart of Interwaste's operations is ensuring that they use the correct equipment as well as that they are able to ensure the most cost effective service to their customers, and remain transparent by providing full and accurate reporting as a standard.

Waste Disposal

As an established leader in the technologically demanding area of landfill construction and development, Interwaste has accumulated years of experience in this field, ensuring the highest standards are utilised at every stage, of every project.

Interwaste utilises sophisticated technologies to ensure that sanitary landfills operate, often for decades, as safe and efficient final destinations for the bulk of society's waste. The company abides by all technical specifications and best practice parameters during design and construction of their landfills - in line with government mandates and legislations.

Landfill Construction:
Interwaste boast the experience and resources to construct any type of landfill site and ensure its safe and efficient ongoing operation. The company also re-mediates existing landfill facilities that do not comply with minimum operational standards. These sites are re-engineered with regard to slopes, cell and leachate management systems. The landfill construction ensures the following:
  • Road access, communications and security systems
  • Facilities such as weighbridge, entrance and reception buildings, offices, ablutions, workshops and laboratories
  • Signposting and notice boards
  • Water, electricity and sewerage
Landfill Management:

Strict administrative processes and operational controls - as well as regulatory compliance - are key to ensuring the maximum operation levels of safety and efficiency at a landfill and therefore, Interwaste ensure the following:

  • Every aspect of each operation complies with both short and long term objectives
  • Accurate record keeping to ensure no negative impact on the long term viability of the site.
  • Correct billing for the volumes of waste disposed of onto the site.
  • Monitoring of vehicle loads to ensure that no hazardous materials are brought onto general waste sites, and when such materials are brought onto sites permitted for disposal, they are sampled and laboratory tested to ensure full compliance
  • The daily deposition of waste is controlled according to a detailed plan
  • Each day the areas of disposal are compacted and covered
Landfill Gas Operations:

Interwaste maximises the benefits of landfill gas utilisation in South Africa where flaring and power generation projects are already in full operation.

Transfer Station Management:

Interwaste manages the collection and processing of organic wastes, paper, glass, cans and building rubble which is recovered to avoid disposal at landfills. Interwaste handles the management of its own, as well as many transfer stations on behalf of municipalities in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

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Additional Services
Specialised Services

Interwaste safely removes waste through economically and environmentally sound methods, using cutting edge equipment, designed to meet our customer's requirements and expectations.

Plant & Equipment Hire:
Interwaste offers specialised equipment (tub grinders, shredders and power sieves) for rent either on a daily, monthly or long-term full maintenance contract. The company operates rolling plant and equipment from its various depots and will consider hiring these out if logistically feasible.

Industrial Cleaning Services:
Interwaste offers industrial and commercial clients with cleaning and maintenance services which focus on separating waste as early as possible in the cleaning process - reducing the need for double handling and the risk of cross contamination.

High Pressure Cleaning:
Interwaste's high, ultra-high and super high pressure cleaning systems utilise water with no abrasives for the removal of material deposits such as; silt, tar, rubber and crude oil from various surfaces.

Tank Cleaning & Confined Space Operations:
Interwaste specialise in high-risk, specialised tank cleaning services and boast the expertise, skilled personnel and specially designed equipment to do so. They develop operational plans and obtain full clearance prior to any personnel entering a tank or other similar confined space.

Structural Dedusting:
Interwaste employs specialised equipment and technical expertise in order to safely remove dust from industrial structures - utilised for the cleaning of factories, power stations, and large production equipment.

Demolition & Site Clearing
Interwaste adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to the demolition and clearing of sites. The various operational divisions within the group work in conjunction to offer a safe and efficient service within this hazardous environment.

Interwaste have developed the 1st Effective Dust Control Solution for Mines in South Africa that aids in the stabilisation of surface dust and prevent airborne migration during extraction, crushing, loading or transporting material. The units help reduce health and air quality concerns and can even be used to condition aggregate for use in concrete.

Power Shredder:
The Interwaste Power Shredder 1800 is a highly efficient shredder which is ideally suited to the volume reduction and destruction of a wide range of products and materials. The aim is to reduce both transport and disposal costs and enable separation for further recycling and reutilisation. The shredder is completely self-sufficient on-site and is suitable for:
  • Light bulky waste e.g. cardboard, paper, cans, plastic etc.
  • Manufactured/confidential goods for safe disposal.
  • Green and organic waste for composting etc.
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Industry Training

Interwaste is committed to building capacity and helping raise the general levels of expertise within the waste and landfill management industry. The company has developed a series of training courses covering NQF levels 1-4. which are accredited by the LG SETA. Interwaste is an accredited Waste management Training provider and training modules are aimed at companies and municipalities.

Interwaste's theoretical and practical training components, which are taken in written and practical exams, benefit employees ranging from general landfill staff to supervisors, waste managers and environmental officers.

The courses offer everything from administration and management skills to landfill techniques and safety training. Custom modules can also be structured.

Training Overview:
The municipal and private sector have expressed the need for specialised training for their employees in the best practice, for the management of landfill sites, in the aim of providing learners with specialised knowledge regarding waste disposal and to back the theory with practical examples during the short courses. They also serve as a refresher for experience staff and provide updates in legislation and the impact thereof.

Who should attend?
Typical candidates for these courses are persons currently employed by municipalities, mines, utility corporations and private companies, who manage the disposal of waste and landfill sites and who perform related activities relevant to the disposal of waste.

Skills Required (In Addition to basic Literacy Sills):
  • NQF1 Basic mathematical abilities
  • NQF2 Mathematical skills (grade 9) and practical experience of 3 years
  • NQF3 Mathematical skills (grade 10) and practical experience of 4 years
  • NQF4 Mathematical skills (grade 11) and practical experience of 5 years

Landfill - Specific Skills Development
In addition to the more general and wide ranging waste management industry training curriculum, a training matrix has been developed to focus specifically on landfill management and operation. This includes:
  • The criteria and processes involved in the regulatory permitting of a modern sanitary landfill facility
  • Insight into the design & operational plan considerations affecting a proposed landfill
  • The personnel responsible for the efficient day-to-day operation of a facility
  • The importance of Health and Safety regulations in the workplace
  • The landfill facility entrance, security and weighbridge complex
  • How facilities deal with the environmental problem of discarded vehicle tyres
  • The important role of on-site composting of garden greens waste
  • The operation of safe and efficient collection areas for recyclables within the landfill facility
  • The precise operational plan that governs every deposit of waste throughout the life of the facility
  • Vehicles, plant and heavy equipment found on a modern working landfill

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