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Interwaste (Pty) Ltd is a member of Interwaste Holdings Limited, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

As a leading waste management business with operations across Africa, we are focused on delivering solid customer service through an integrated and cross-platform waste management approach.

The company is committed to leading the market in waste management innovation - through both wet and dry waste streams, and ensuring that it creates solutions for its customers that are not only sustainable, but which have waste management best practice and innovation at their core.

Integrated waste management

Interwaste provides a holistic, integrated and accountable waste management system - one that is compliant with changing waste management legislative requirements and meets the needs of each individual customer.

The service includes the management of waste streams from point of generation to final disposal and is underpinned by a waste hierarchy which guides the way in which waste should be treated and disposed of. This hierarchy forms the basis of every operation and ensures cost savings, reduction in environmental impact and sustainable operations. Interwaste comprises of numerous operational divisions, each considered experts in their field. The synergies that exist between these divisions allows Interwaste to present itself as a holistic environmental services provider.

Legal Compliance

Legislation demands that strict principles are adhered to by The South African waste management industry. Interwaste's team of qualified experts is well positioned to offer advisory services for any environmental legislation requirement.

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Technical Services

Interwaste not only classifies waste, but the organisation's technical teams' innovative processes set the company apart in integrated waste management - which is why Interwaste is also called upon to utilise their expertise in outside situations.

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On-site Services

With the latest in equipment and facilities, as well as expert manpower, Interwaste's qualified on-site personnel ensure all waste is separated correctly, at the source of manufacture, and ensures that the reduction of costly cross-contamination of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams is avoided, as well as enables streamlined operations for the customer.

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Resource Recovery

Given Interwaste's commitment to holistic waste management, the company has invested in the highest quality plant and equipment, ensuring they offer the most efficient metals recycling service. If you want to maximise the value from metals recycling, then Interwaste is your partner of choice.

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Solid and Liquid Waste Treatment

Interwaste's effluent treatment division, coupled with their strong national logistics infrastructure, ensures they provide a complete service offering including the management of a variety of inorganic, acid, caustic and oil based liquid streams.

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Commodity Trading

Interwaste spear-headed the commoditisation of waste through Waste Commodity Trading and follows innovative, closely monitored procedures. Interwaste currently exports commoditised wastes into 12 countries and territories outside of South Africa and is expanding this reach exponentially.

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Waste Logistics

Interwaste advises clients on optimum waste storage and collection methods; including the correct container sizes, service frequency and collection vehicles to be used to best suit individual, and legal requirements. All Interwaste vehicles are linked to a real-time monitoring system, assuring efficiency and security.

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Waste Disposal

As an established leader in the technologically demanding area of landfill construction and development, Interwaste has accumulated years of experience in this field, ensuring the highest standards are utilised at every stage, of every project.

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