Waste Logistics

Waste Logistics

Interwaste advises clients on optimum waste storage and collection methods; including the correct container sizes, service frequency and collection vehicles to be used to best suit individual, and legal requirements. All Interwaste vehicles are linked to a real-time monitoring system, assuring efficiency and security.

Vehicle use and logistics:

The company utilises skip collection vehicles with bins up to 18m3, roll-on roll-off vehicles with bin capacities up to 35m3 and efficient Front End and Rear-End Loader vehicles capable of compacting the waste on-board. Interwaste also offers trailed containers to maximise transport efficiencies through optimal carrying capacity. All Interwaste vehicle's locations and routes are actively managed to ensure peace of mind for the customer and the company itself.

Hazardous Waste Management:

Interwaste boasts the management expertise and specialised equipment to handle any hazardous waste countrywide - where they have consistently performed in the collection and management of such waste while finding innovative ways to treat and reclassify this waste accordingly, resulting in a more cost effective and environmentally acceptable ways, that its competitors.

The company's services in this regard include:

  • Hazmat response and documented incident scene management
  • Specialised operations and accredited training
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous material clean-up & disposal
  • Asbestos containment and removal
  • Specialised containment and over-drums
  • Confined space operations including, tank cleaning with certification
  • Route planning, risk assessment and environmental impact assessments
  • Chemical data bank for emergency services
Goods destruction and safe disposal:

Interwaste offers a destruction and disposal service for items such as expired pharmaceuticals, redundant consumables and counterfeit goods which require total destruction to ensure company confidentiality, integrity and environmental safety. Such goods are collected in various sized Safe Disposal containers which are fully welded and have closed tops and lockable lids.

Goods can be crushed, incinerated or shredded where security is guaranteed given that goods are housed in a securely fenced compound for processing. Interwaste provide a Certificates of Safe Disposal on completion of the destruction process, to give customers peace of mind. In fact, Interwaste welcomes clients at their sites to observe the entire destruction process.

At the heart of Interwaste's operations is ensuring that they use the correct equipment as well as that they are able to ensure the most cost effective service to their customers, and remain transparent by providing full and accurate reporting as a standard.

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