Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal

As an established leader in the technologically demanding area of landfill construction and development, Interwaste has accumulated years of experience in this field, ensuring the highest standards are utilised at every stage, of every project.

Interwaste utilises sophisticated technologies to ensure that sanitary landfills operate, often for decades, as safe and efficient final destinations for the bulk of society's waste. The company abides by all technical specifications and best practice parameters during design and construction of their landfills - in line with government mandates and legislations.

Landfill Construction:

Interwaste boast the experience and resources to construct any type of landfill site and ensure its safe and efficient ongoing operation. The company also re-mediates existing landfill facilities that do not comply with minimum operational standards. These sites are re-engineered with regard to slopes, cell and leachate management systems. The landfill construction ensures the following:

  • Road access, communications and security systems
  • Facilities such as weighbridge, entrance and reception buildings, offices, ablutions, workshops and laboratories
  • Signposting and notice boards
  • Water, electricity and sewerage
Landfill Management:

Strict administrative processes and operational controls - as well as regulatory compliance - are key to ensuring the maximum operation levels of safety and efficiency at a landfill and therefore, Interwaste ensure the following:

  • Every aspect of each operation complies with both short and long term objectives
  • Accurate record keeping to ensure no negative impact on the long term viability of the site.
  • Correct billing for the volumes of waste disposed of onto the site.
  • Monitoring of vehicle loads to ensure that no hazardous materials are brought onto general waste sites, and when such materials are brought onto sites permitted for disposal, they are sampled and laboratory tested to ensure full compliance
  • The daily deposition of waste is controlled according to a detailed plan
  • Each day the areas of disposal are compacted and covered
Landfill Gas Operations:

Interwaste maximises the benefits of landfill gas utilisation in South Africa where flaring and power generation projects are already in full operation.

Transfer Station Management:

Interwaste manages the collection and processing of organic wastes, paper, glass, cans and building rubble which is recovered to avoid disposal at landfills. Interwaste handles the management of its own, as well as many transfer stations on behalf of municipalities in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

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