Technical Services

Technical Services

Interwaste not only classifies waste, but the organisation's technical teams' innovative processes set the company apart in integrated waste management - which is why Interwaste is also called upon to utilise their expertise in outside situations.

Different technical services are offered by Interwaste as part of the organisations full-service scope within the waste management space.

To this end, the company offers the following technical services:

1. Waste Classification & separation:

This is the process whereby discarded material is identified and organised, by class, to ensure the proper disposal thereof. The National Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has developed new Waste Classification and Management Regulations, where waste is assigned into 9 hazard classes, with further expansion on the criteria for toxic and infectious substances. Through the alignment to local and global best practice, Interwaste can assist its clients in the accurate classification of waste - based on the guiding principles - to ensure the correct disposal of waste.

2. Waste collection and compacting:

Interwaste offers the collection of waste, using specialised vehicles, as well as the compacting of waste, prior to transporting it to company Materials Recovery Facilities, for final sorting and re-processing. The use of varied size bins are deployed - dependant on the requirement.

In addition to this, Interwaste also supplies special boxes for the collection of recyclables in offices.

3. Material Recovery Facilities (MRF):

Interwaste offer custom designed MRF's - which are currently in operation at a number of larger waste disposal facilities managed by them. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metals collected in this manner greatly reduce the waste volume that is eventually returned to the site for disposal.

Custom designed and built MRF units are available for use at clients' sites should the volumes of recyclable wastes justify the installation.

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