Specialised Services

Interwaste safely removes waste through economically and environmentally sound methods, using cutting edge equipment, designed to meet our customer's requirements and expectations.

Plant & Equipment Hire:

Interwaste offers specialised equipment (tub grinders, shredders and power sieves) for rent either on a daily, monthly or long-term full maintenance contract. The company operates rolling plant and equipment from its various depots and will consider hiring these out if logistically feasible.

Industrial Cleaning Services:

Interwaste offers industrial and commercial clients with cleaning and maintenance services which focus on separating waste as early as possible in the cleaning process - reducing the need for double handling and the risk of cross contamination.

High Pressure Cleaning:

Interwaste's high, ultra-high and super high pressure cleaning systems utilise water with no abrasives for the removal of material deposits such as; silt, tar, rubber and crude oil from various surfaces.

Tank Cleaning & Confined Space Operations:

Interwaste specialise in high-risk, specialised tank cleaning services and boast the expertise, skilled personnel and specially designed equipment to do so. They develop operational plans and obtain full clearance prior to any personnel entering a tank or other similar confined space.

Structural Dedusting:

Interwaste employs specialised equipment and technical expertise in order to safely remove dust from industrial structures - utilised for the cleaning of factories, power stations, and large production equipment.

Demolition & Site Clearing

Interwaste adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to the demolition and clearing of sites. The various operational divisions within the group work in conjunction to offer a safe and efficient service within this hazardous environment.


Interwaste have developed the 1st Effective Dust Control Solution for Mines in South Africa that aids in the stabilisation of surface dust and prevent airborne migration during extraction, crushing, loading or transporting material. The units help reduce health and air quality concerns and can even be used to condition aggregate for use in concrete.

Power Shredder:

The Interwaste Power Shredder 1800 is a highly efficient shredder which is ideally suited to the volume reduction and destruction of a wide range of products and materials. The aim is to reduce both transport and disposal costs and enable separation for further recycling and reutilisation. The shredder is completely self-sufficient on-site and is suitable for:

  • Light bulky waste e.g. cardboard, paper, cans, plastic etc.
  • Manufactured/confidential goods for safe disposal.
  • Green and organic waste for composting etc.
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