Solid and Liquid Waste Treatment

Solid and Liquid Waste Treatment

Interwaste's effluent treatment division, coupled with their strong national logistics infrastructure, ensures they provide a complete service offering including the management of a variety of inorganic, acid, caustic and oil based liquid streams.

Effluent Treatment:

There is a strong need in South Africa - especially given sparse water supply and the risk that effluent waste has on the environment - for the development and implementation of effective effluent treatment methodologies. Therefore, Interwaste has devised alternatives to the disposal of liquid waste at landfill in creating a specialist effluent treatment infrastructure. This division provides a complete service offering to liquid waste generators including: management of a variety of inorganic, acid, caustic and oil based liquid waste streams. Our on-site services extend to effluent treatment too.

Solid Waste:

Economically viable chemical, physical and biological treatment forms an essential part of reducing the risks associated with the disposal of waste at landfill sites. Interwaste has developed sophisticated treatment technologies to reduce waste production, recycle material and generate more energy from waste accordingly.

Through these processes Interwaste ensure they are able to aid waste generators in meeting the required specifications for disposal and that they offer an innovative pre-landfill solid waste treatment service.

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