Resource Recovery

Resource Recovery

Given Interwaste's commitment to holistic waste management, the company has invested in the highest quality plant and equipment, ensuring they offer the most efficient metals recycling service. If you want to maximise the value from metals recycling, then Interwaste is your partner of choice.

Metals Recovery:

To maximise value from metals recycling it is necessary to categorise, separate and process the materials to the specification of the end user. This can be offered either as an on-site service or, alternatively, the activities relating to the recycling process may be done off-site - dependant on volumes and specific client requirements. In many cases it is possible, as a result of increased efficiencies, to offset the costs of recovery management and increase revenues generated from the recycling process. This can often lead to zero-cost waste management scenario or even an income positive holistic service.

To this end, Interwaste ensure the efficient collection and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste, from depots across the country. This process includes providing bins at the client's premises, upliftment of bins once full and transport to the nearest depot where they are weighed at a weighbridge facility.

Bailing Service:

Interwaste offers the leasing and operation of compact bailing machines at a client's premises which enables a mobile bailing service saving valuable storage space on-site and maximising the value of recyclables for the client.

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