On-site Services

On-site Services

With the latest in equipment and facilities, as well as expert manpower, Interwaste's qualified on-site personnel ensure all waste is separated correctly, at the source of manufacture, and ensures that the reduction of costly cross-contamination of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams is avoided, as well as enables streamlined operations for the customer.

With the latest in equipment, plant, depots and facilities, as well as expert management, and operational systems, Interwaste ensures high levels of efficiency and unsurpassed service. The provision of qualified site personnel ensures that all waste is separated correctly, prior to being recovered and/or finally disposed of.

Interwaste's dedicated on-site waste management division is responsible for all aspects of Integrated Waste management, including:

  • Site Management and onsite personnel
  • Waste Identification and Separation
  • Waste Minimising
  • Maximising Resource Recovery
  • The Provision of Accurate Environmental Reporting (Triple Line Reporting)

One great example of such onsite service is the Eezee Bin System.

This is an easy, neat and affordable recycling solution, deployed at commercial and industrial clients, shopping centres, sports facilities, offices and housing estates. Here all recyclable materials can be deposited into a single bin, allowing for the collection of recyclables at source, previously destined for landfill. Dedicated collection vehicles are employed to regularly collect and compact waste before transporting it to a Materials Recovery Facility for sorting and final disposal.

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