Solid and Liquid Waste Treatment

Commodity Trading

Interwaste spear-headed the commoditisation of waste through Waste Commodity Trading and follows innovative, closely monitored procedures. Interwaste currently exports commoditised wastes into 12 countries and territories outside of South Africa and is expanding this reach exponentially.

Pioneering this process across all industry sectors requires intimate knowledge of external catalysts that are usually unrelated to the activities of the generator, which can only be realised once identified. Interwaste boasts this knowledge and expertise and in addition to traditional landfill disposal, Interwaste services also include long-term storage of potentially valuable wastes in specially designed containment cells for future reutilisation.

The resources boom, which came to a head in 2008, pre-empted peak demand for most commodities and their hyper inflated prices was a warning of things to come. As such, as a forward thinking organisation, Interwaste offers commoditised waste solutions - from niche to bulk commodities. Interwaste is strategically stockpiling intrinsically valuable wastes with the express purpose of future recovery. Commodity cycles are closely monitored for each residue and will be unlocked when all necessary factors converge synchronously.

What's more, strategic relationships are forged with major trading houses and ports with logistical capacity being secured to ensure that as a company, Interwaste are well placed to offer a turn-key solution to clients looking for this service. Efficient, often out-the-box solutions give waste generators value added returns for traditionally landfilled wastes -fulfilling the Hierarchy of Waste requirements - and meeting broader client service requirements.

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