Our vision,mission and goals

Our vision:

Interwaste and its Group of companies are dedicated to securing the future viability of Southern Africa through holistic waste management practices - striving for cost effectiveness and global best practice in environmentally-friendly waste management solutions.

To enable sustainable preservation of the environment, being agile, yet aggressive in a trustworthy organisation, achieving effectiveness in all our endeavours.

Our mission:

Interwaste is at the forefront of waste management technology, having developed a platform for market innovation and a superior knowledge of its customers, and their needs. Interwaste strives to remain an industry leader in bringing forth alternative waste management opportunities for corporate South Africa's waste streams

Our goals:

  • Increase shareholder value
  • Remain at the forefront of technology for the industry
  • Continue to grow both organically and through strategic acquisitions
  • Actively participate in the transfer of skills to the historically disadvantaged

Our core values:

Responsible: "Morally accountable for one's actions"
Reliable: "Of sound and consistent character"
Dynamic: "Energetic, active, potent"
Inspirational: "Stimulating creative activity"
Sustainable: "Give strength to encourage, support and maintain balance"
Participative: "Take a part to"
Professional: "Having or showing the skill of a competent person"
Integrity: "Moral uprightness and honesty"
Knowledge: "Awareness or familiarity gain by experience"
Transparency: "Allowing light to pass through so that the bodies can be distinctly seen"
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Best Operating Practice

Our professional codes of business practice:

Interwaste's codes of practice encompass the values and standards that apply to all aspects of the company's conduct in business, across all sectors and divisions internationally.

We commit ourselves to the highest standard of performance, ethical behaviour and business practices.


  • Innovation is the cornerstone of our success
  • We are externally focused
  • We respect individuals
  • Insert of the company and individuals are inseparable
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