Integrated Waste Management

Legal Compliance

Legislation demands that strict principles are adhered to by The South African waste management industry. Interwaste's team of qualified experts is well positioned to offer advisory services for any environmental legislation requirement.

South Africa's environmental legislation and operational guidelines are world class and form the basis for the development of similar structures by other countries. The framework provides 'Guidelines to Minimum Requirements' which stipulate the principles that govern wide ranging technical specifications and best practice parameters of Integrated Waste Management policy, including: waste minimisation, recycling, treatment and disposal. These aspects guide the industry toward a holistic, sustainable position.

Interwaste is at the forefront of legislative compliance and ensure that they constantly are updated and trained on the latest legislative requirements that govern their business and operations. They constitute a meaningful point of reference from which the company will continue to innovate.

Interwaste has a team of highly qualified experts who specialise in waste legislation. We offer advisory services for all environmental legislation, standards and guidelines that may be applicable to waste management in SA.

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